What’s a Makerspace?

To describe them simply, makerspaces are community centers with tools. Makerspaces combine equipment, community, and education for the purposes of enabling makers like yourself to design, prototype and create awesome works that wouldn’t be possible to create with the resources available to individuals working alone. Sounds cool? It is! Do we have one in Columbia? Yes, it is in the works! Cola Makerspace is an organization designed to foster a collaborative and educational environment in which people can explore, share and MAKE! Meet these great minds on June 6 at Columbia Mini Maker Faire as they exhibit 3D printers, laser cutters, wood and metalworking, welding and blacksmithing.  For more information, visit www.colamakerspace.com.


A Different Kind of Doll


Zombeiz that need homes!

While the Zombie craze that has swept across America normally features grotesque creatures overtaking the world, on June 6, they will turn the other cheek. What they lack in brains they make up for in heart! Go to www.zombeiz.com to find out which doll you want to claim and meet their maker at Columbia Mini Maker Faire!

Our Three Dimensional Future


A 3D printer at work

3D printing is taking the technology world by storm! If you’re not excited by 3D printing, expand your mind! Technology visionaries predict that life on Earth will soon radically change because of it. It is already revolutionizing the medical industry and helping save more lives. Meet Computer Source, a local 3D printer store, at Columbia Mini Maker Faire and find out how this three-dimensional printing works and how it is changing the world as we know it.

Simply Shocking!

jacobs ladder 2

Electrical Jacob’s Ladder

Come to Columbia Mini Maker Faire on June 6 and see a shocking demonstration of Jacob’s Ladder by Cola MakerSpace! What is a Jacob’s ladder you ask? Well, if you have ever seen any of the old Frankenstein movies or any horror movie with a laboratory in it- then you have seen one. A Jacob’s Ladder is a high voltage device that produces a climbing arc up two electrodes made in a “V” shape.  Sounds cool but dangerous? It is.  Simply put, do not try this at home…just come to Columbia Mini Maker Faire and play it safe! For more information about Columbia’s newest MakerSpace, visit www.colamakerspace.com.

Make some noise!

Come check-out Columbia Mini Maker Faire at EdVenture on June 6 and make some noise with the Columbia Amateur Radio Club. You can make a morse code bracelet, view QSL cards from all over the world, and tap out morse code on an oscillator with an experienced ham radio operator! Learn more about the Columbia Amateur Radio Club on their Facebook page. Join us June 6 at EdVenture to see more makers and tinkerers!

Columbia Amateur Radio Club

Columbia Amateur Radio Club

Virtual Ferris Wheel, yes please.

Super excited the Center for Advanced Technical Studies will be returning this year with the virtual ferris wheel! You must try it!


Center for Advanced Technical Studies

We’re bringing awesome back.

Join us for another crazy creative Columbia Mini Maker Faire on June 6 from 9am-5pm at EdVenture Children’s Museum. If you are completely unfamiliar with what a Mini Maker Faire looks like, check out the video from our very first year. Honestly, we are all makers in some way. What do you make? If you think you have what it takes and want to share what you make with the world, give us a call at 803-400-1152 or email sgandy@edventure.org. Can’t wait to see you on June 6!

Columbia Mini Maker Faire Date Announcement

June 6th 2015 is the date for the 3rd annual Columbia Mini Maker Faire! Save the date!

MakeShop BreakShop!

Maker Corps members and campers were busy last week at MakeShop BreakShop! Check out our Makers at work!

MakeShop BreakShop!

MakeShop BreakShop!


Have you met the Maker Girls?

EdVenture Children’s Museum is proud to be a host site for the Maker Education Initiative’s Maker Corps program for the second year. Miss Jaci, Miss Valerie, Miss Tiffany, and Miss Lindsey are EdVenture’s Maker Girls. They have been busy this summer helping with Maker Camps and planning awesome programming that you will see in Maker Works in the upcoming months. Maybe you spotted them at the Columbia SC Mini Maker Faire? Next time you are visiting EdVenture, come say “hi” to our Maker Girls!

maker corps picture

2014 Maker Corps Members