Workshop Schedule!

In addition to the 30+ makers who are coming out to share what they do, we are excited to be offering a host of awesome workshops this year , that give you the opportunity to actively participate in the Making process! The below workshops are included with admission, with only the kit workshops require purchasing of materials.


Drop-In Workshops: Upstairs

Screen printing – 9:30 – 12:30 & 1:30-3:30

Working on poster-sized SC flat maps, you’ll be screen printing  “Jam Bots” with AstroJammy in the Aha! Factory. You’ll discover that screen-printing is secretly your new favorite pastime!

Smoldering Solder – 9:00am – 12:00 & 1-3

What do plumbers, jewelers, electricians, DIYers, and stained glass artisans have in common? Probably a lot of things; the coolest of which- though- is the need to solder! If you’ve never tried it, come up to the Tinker Tech and learn a trade skill!

Hula Hooping with Glitterhoopz  – 9:00am – 12:00

Learn how to hula hoop dance, do fun circus tricks, and an all level guided hula hooping meditation and yoga sequence called HoopYogini!

Spun Steph: LED Hoop Performances at 10am, 11am and at Noon

Improv Workshop: 12:30pm -4:30 pm

Come join a local group of Filmmakers and Actors/Actresses as they showcase Improvisational acting skills on stage! Don’t just plan to watch, though. Johnny and his crew of Improv Artists, plan to incorporate the audience and get them making things up and doing Improv too!

Classroom Workshops : Main Floor 

(Seating Limited, First Come-First Serve)
Paper Making: Sonoco Recycling
9:30am – 10:15am

Make your own paper – incorporating recycled paper bits, flower petals, or herbs to add color and scent. Why not add wildflower seeds to make a plantable paper!

Little Bits Electronics: IT-oLogy
10:30-11:00 am
A basic introduction to Electricity and Electronics using magnetic circuit boards – allowing for  prototyping and experimentation. No programming – just snap and play!
Game Creation in Kodu: IT-oLogy:
Kodu Game Lab is a software program used to create computer games via provided 3D Models and simplified visual programming commands.
3D Printing: IT-oLogy:
12:15 -1pm
All about discovering the innovative abilities that 3D printers can accomplish. Participants will model their own 3D printable designs, which they can continue to develop and work on at home via TinkerCAD.
Kit Projects: Makerspace Charlotte
An awesome collection of kits that can be purchased and worked through in a class setting with the Makers who put them together! You get a fun experience, knowledgeable makers to assist , and a cool finished project to take home to show off your making skills!
Hot Wire Knife/ Foam Cutter: 1:15-2:00
Materials cost $10
Building a Brush-Less Motor: 2:15 – 3:00
Materials cost $10-12
Whirly Gig: 3:15-4:00
Materials cost $8
Bug Bot:4:15-5:00
Materials cost $6

 Cooking Lab Workshop

SCA Medieval Cookery: Gyngerbrede
1pm – 1:45pm

Learn about cooking in the Middle Ages and how to make one of the special treats that was made in the Noble Houses.

Meet John Sharpe

John Sharpe talks at his Cayce studio April 14, 2016 about his Star Wars Imperial Walker sculpture and other things he has made.

Meet Lori Jacobsen




Calling all makers!


Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto

FIRST Robotics Competition

FIRST Robotics Competition

Most of us are intrigued by robots. Admit it, we all talk(ed) into a fan as a child to hear our robot voice? LOL. Well, watch robots compete for your attention on June 6! FIRST, an organization for inspiration, and recognition of science and technology will be having a robotics competition at the Columbia Mini Maker Faire.  Check it out.


What’s Your Secret Species?


Meet Marius “Zoo” Valdes! This well known local maker is an epic illustrator, designer and artist and is bringing his art to Columbia Mini Maker Faire on June 6. Since 2007, he has had six solo exhibitions and been selected for 15 juried group exhibitions at the international, national, and regional levels. Rock on Zoo! If we’re lucky, Valdes will bring some pieces from his popular Secret Species Project, fun art that allows Valdes to play with creating new characters that encourage others to use their own creativity.

“I have made hundreds of these small sculpy clay characters and shared them with others in exchange for their sketches and stories about their characters,” said Valdes. “I have used these little creatures as a muse to make new art and tell new stories.”

Meet Valdes at Columbia Mini Maker Faire and peruse his art for sale as well as watch as he paints a mural in celebration of the maker spirit!

That Godzilla Guy


Sea Monsters, by Sean McGuinness


Godzillafications [noun] God-zill-a-fi-ca-tions (gd-zɪlə-f-kshn): 

An artwork or consequence growing out of That Godzilla Guy’s unique vision to interject his Godzilla Collectibles into established works of art, photographs, or concepts. It ranges from serious gravitas to social and political satire, yet always centers around a deep love of the kaiju [giant monster] eras of past, present and future. The purpose is to not only spread the love of Godzilla and his eternal, relevant messages, but to also connect people with art who would not normally appreciate traditional arts or even Godzilla himself.

Sound interesting? You definitely don’t want to miss meeting Sean McGuinness “That Godzilla Guy.” Discover his creative take on Godzilla, hear about his path to becoming a maker, and learn how to draw this legendary monster.  His Godzillafications can be found here.

Extreme Rock Crawlers at EdVenture!


The ultimate jeeper, Miller Mcarthur, will be here on June 6! He is a legend here in the South for his driving ability as well as his hand built rig. Check him out in action.

Girls of Code


 The U.S. Labor Department estimated that there will be 1.4 million job openings for computer-related occupations this decade, and the median salary for people with a computer-science degree ranges from $80,000-$100,000. Did your eyes just light up? Get this- only 12% of recent computer science and computer-engineering graduates are women! The 100 Girls of Code of Columbia want to change this. Meet these awesome makers on June 6 as they share info on their fun and interactive workshops where they’ll introduce computer programming, website construction, games and so much more.  Columbia Mini Maker Faire attendees can also create a binary code magnet of the first letter in their first name using a binary alphabet key, a blank grid, and crayons. For more on Girls of Code, visit their website here.

Let’s Go for a Spin


Wondering what to do with old, mundane, CDs? Come to Columbia Mini Maker Faire on June 6 and make old-fashioned spinning tops from a used CD, a bottle cap and an ordinary metal screw.  Fun and easy for all ages! This activity will be hosted by the Killian Steam Academy from Richland 2.