Community Meet Up Of The Minds

Would you like to get involved in the Columbia Mini Maker Faire? Well, we’d love to have your help and we’re just getting started! We actually just had our first community meet up on Feb 13. It was the first gathering of hobbyist, techno enthusiast, crafters, tinkerers, science and engineering clubs and anyone else who had a passion for making things. It was a great meeting of the minds! We’ve already started receiving maker applications! And, on Thursday, March 7 from 5-8pm, EdVenture will host AnnMarie Thomas, executive director of the Maker Education Initiative and Steve Davee, who spent the past eight years as a teacher at Opal Public Charter School of Portland Children’s Museum, creating opportunities for young children to experience the awesomeness of making. We’ll be making “stuff” while learning more about the Maker movement and ways to provide more opportunities for young people to make and create. Ever heard of Squishy Circuits? It’s a method which uses conductive and nonconductive play dough to sculpt circuits. We’ll be doing activities like that. Cool, huh? Refreshments will be served. $10 per person. Adults only. Curious? Contact Marc Drews, Education Initiatives Manager, at Spread the word.


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