Meet the Maker: Thomas Humphries

It takes an artist to turn trash into treasure! Meet Thomas. His sculptures include anything from rakes to motors! We visited his home recently and were amazed by his T-Rex made from found materials. We were hoping this very cool dinosaur would be able to make it to the Columbia Mini Maker Faire but it was currenty home to sweet baby birds (tweet tweet). No worries though, Thomas is bringing some other very cool treasures. Check him out June 1st!

Thomas Humphries
Thomas Humphries




One thought on “Meet the Maker: Thomas Humphries

  1. We were admiring this artist’s beautiful work at the Riverbank’s Zoo a week or so ago. The younger children loved the textured visual of the art, the middle grades loved playing “I Spy” with what was used to create it, and my oldest ones were trying to figure out how they could begin to create such sculptures as well. We Met Mr. Humphries at the Maker’s Faire last year, and he is kind and allowed the children to investigate his work closely. W look forward to seeing his new pieces!

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