Birdies by Shayna


Local maker and shop owner, Shayna Katzman Simoneaux, painted her first Birdie about six years ago. “I often says that he just “sprang from the depths of my imagination one day,” but there is more to it than that. I first really kind of stumbled on what is now my go-to Birdie character “in the paint” – his silhouette kind of appeared while I was painting in abstract. And although Birdie has a lot to do with my artistic process, I feel the reason I keep going back to him is because there is a lot of meaning behind him. 

“Birdies Jewelry & Gifts” encompasses a wide range of handmade jewelry- including cameo necklaces, charm-bracelets, bangles, earrings, cufflinks, rings, and Birdies dangling from strands of crystals and pearls. It also offers a fun assortment of personal accessories, such as bookmarks, magnets, buttons, bottle-openers, hair-clips, stationary, purse-mirrors, tie-clips, greeting cards and Itsy-Bitsy-Birdie-Artworks on tiny easels. Working in a wide variety of mediums, utilizing her creativity and wide-ranging artistic experience, Shayna has developed a conspicuous personal style articulated through all she creates. Meet Shayna and her birdies on June 14!

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