It’s time to MAKE AWESOME!

Spread the word!
Spread the word!

Join us for a one-day, family-friendly festival with food, performances, workshops, and many hands-on projects and activities for adults and kids of all ages! Featuring 30+ makers!

Performances/ Workshops:

10 a.m. Bryce Bigger Demonstration
Bryce Bigger is an interactive designer, developer, tinkerer and the founder of The Bigger Design.

11 a.m. The Joseph Tollefsen Band
14-year-old Joseph Tollefsen rocks out maker style on his hand-made, hand-illuminated guitar created from a traditional cigar box.

12 p.m. Jillian Owens Refashionista Presentation
Jillian Owens is a writer, designer, and eco-fashion revolutionary. This ReFashionista dyes, snips, and sews landfill-bound secondhand clothing into cute couture! Featured on The Rachael Ray Show and Good Afternoon America!

1 p.m. Performance by The Prairie Willows
The Prairie Willows are a boot stompin’ band with a strong live performance featuring tasteful covers, tuneful harmonies, and a variety of instruments that range from a kazoo, to a tub, to the boots on their feet!

2 p.m. Jeremy Cook Mountain Beest Demonstration
Jeremy Cook is a manufacturing engineer, avid maker and experimenter. He will be showcasing his newest maker masterpiece, The Mountain Beest. When he’s not busy creating (or destroying) something, he writes for his blogs and

3 p.m. EdVenture Team Hovercraft Demonstration
EdVenture staff members will showcase their own lithium battery powered hovercraft.

4 p.m. Great Water Balloon Launch with Tom Heck
Tom Heck’s trebuchet launches softball size water balloons 50 – 70 yards using (kid) power.

Admission to the Columbia Mini Maker Faire is $11.50 per person and includes museum exploration. Free for EdVenture members.


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