Top Ten Reasons To Be a Maker!

Top Ten Reasons To Be A Maker at Columbia Mini Maker Fair: 

1) Networking!
Get to know other Makers in your community and meet Makers in a same or similar field.

You could be the catalyst that helps a child discover his or her passion!

3) Be apart of South Carolinas only Maker Faire!

This is the only Maker Faire event of the entire state!

4) Public relations galore!
Not only can you shout from the rooftops of your participation in this incredible event, but we will also be shouting your name and talents with praise as well!

5) Engaging with the community!

South Carolina is an outstanding place, so why not take some time to exhibit your passion while meeting the amazing people that share your passion to create.

6) Selling your goods!

Do you make a product that you sell? While the intention of the Mini Maker Faire is to inspire others to inspire, design, and create, you may use your booth with us as a marketplace as well as a marketing hub!

7) Raising awareness about you, your business, and your product.

It’s hard sometimes with so many people and ideas out there to find an outlet and a voice. Let our Mini Maker Faire help you to reach out to the public and create a name for your company or start up!

 8) Over 1,000 visitors come ready to play and explore

Each year we have around 1,000 visitors that come to our Columbia Mini Maker Faire ready to learn, explore, and engage. It’s our goal to get as many vendors so that each guest has a wonderful experience at our Maker Faire!

9) It is FREE for you to participate!

It is free to have a booth and you can share your craft and help future makers to reach their full potential just like you!

10) It’s FUN!

Maker Faire is a ton of fun! Check out these videos to really get a feel for the incredible atmosphere this event presents!



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