Veeblefetzers make learning fun!

Veeblefetzer! No, this is not a fantasy land from a fairy tale or a battle cry in a foreign language. Veeblefetzer comes from the combination of the German words weben which means “to weave” and fetzen which means “to rip or shred.”

So what is a veeblefetzer? A veeblefetzer is a phrase used in place of a word for any obscure or complicated object or mechanism.  These objects often are multi-step contraptions that accomplish a single goal. A great example of a veeblefetzer is the Milton Bradley game Mouse Trap.

At this year’s Mini Maker Faire we will have three Veeblefetzers. Check out these veeblefetzers, and find out what each of them do at EdVenture on Saturday, April 29!


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